Cre-a-tv Studios

We Do TV .. and much more..

On Location

We shoot any where.. any time… from the literal trenches of WWI reenactments, to stadium sporting events, we’re there!


Extensive distribution and carriage of broadcast television programs throughout the public television system.

TV Shows

Since 1988, the Team of Tina & Richard Waganer have been involved in the production and distribution of countless broadcast television shows, commercial videos and promotional videos.

Be Creative

Cre-a-tv, Inc. is named for the concept that everyone has a story, everyone is creative. We position ourselves to help you bring your vision to life.

What's Your Story?

What good is the perfect message if no one ever sees it?  Distribution and presentation of your message/story is almost more important than the idea itself.  For more than 20 years, we have distributed television programming, ensured the best carriage and provided comprehensive reports for our clients review.

We have been very fortunate to have worked on so many great projects with so many fantastic people… From WrestleMania to Teletubbies; from Red Rocks to the Great Pyramids; and all points between.


What we give: